We started the machines, our teams are already waiting. We will prove that we can do it!«

We started the machines, our teams are already waiting. We will prove that we can do it!«

05. 05. 2021

Kolektor CPG as the Leading Partner in the Consortium of companies consisting of Turkish partners Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş. and Özaltın İnşaat Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.Ş., entered into a contract with 2TDK for the main construction works on the Second track of the Divača–Koper railway line on the Divača–Črni Kal section. The contract was entered into in the presence of the Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Jernej Vrtovec, Director of 2TDK, Mr. Pavel Hevka, and representatives of the Turkish partners. At the event, they also officially started the machines and announced the start of construction of currently the largest and most demanding construction project in Slovenia.

We started the machines, our teams are already waiting. We will prove that we can do it!«

With the machine sounds in the background, the Minister of Infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec, CEO of 2TDK Pavle Hevka, Kristjan Mugerli, CEO of Kolektor CPG, Başar Arıoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Yapı Merkezi, Aslan Uzun , CEO of Yapi Merkezi, and Ahmet Düren, General Coordinator for Business Development of Özaltın, announced the official commencement of the construction of the Second track of Divača–Koper railway at the Črni Kal–Koper section and at the same time confirmed the commitment to build the most important infrastructure project in Slovenia.

Construction of the Divača–Črni Kal section represents the most difficult infrastructure project in Slovenia, as it envisages the construction of two tunnels with service pipes with a total length of as much as 12.7 km. The works are demanding due to the karst terrain and possible unpredictable phenomena, but as the Director of Kolektor CPG said a the time of signing of the contract, the works will be carried out professionally, with quality and accuracy. According to the representatives of Kolektor CPG, this is ensured also by the composition of the Consortium, which combines experience from large infrastructure projects and knowledge of the domestic market.

Kristjan Mugerli, Director of Kolektor CPG and representative of the Leading Partner in the Consortium: »By signing the contract for the implementation of the main construction works on the Divača–Črni Kal section, we reaffirm our commitment to carry out the work professionally, with quality and accuracy, in cooperation with the Turkish partners. As the leading partner in the Consortium, we will include domestic companies in the project - domestic companies will cooperate as subcontractors, our suppliers will mostly be companies from the local and regional level, and the Slovenian professional institutions, such as the Faculty of Civil Engineering, will also be included. The project lays foundations for long-term development of the Slovenian civil construction and we must not forget the role of the project in the exit of the Slovenian economy following the pandemic crisis. The machines are ready, the teams are already waiting. Allow us to show that we can do it!«

At the official event, Kolektor CPG also emphasized the great potential of cooperation with the Turkish partners, as the gained knowledge and experience will benefit the broader Slovenian civil construction operative in the long run. Namely, several Slovenian construction companies will participate in the implementation of the project in the role of subcontractors, such as Pomgrad, SŽ – Železniško gradbeno podjetje, Kolektor Koling, Riko, VOC-Celje and many others, helping with their own solutions and at the same time obtaining references for their further projects. Kolektor CPG estimates that over 350 construction machinery and various construction equipment, as well as at least 1,000 builders and other experts will cooperate during the construction of the Second track of Divača–Koper railway line.

Başar Arıoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş .: »I am aware of how important the Port of Koper is for the Slovenian economy and how strongly the Second track will contribute to the growth of the port, supporting not only Slovenia, but numerous countries whose import and export routes pass through this strategic area. I would like to thank 2TDK and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for giving Yapi Merkezi the opportunity to participate in this historic project. Our company always shows respect for the local environment to which we are coming. Our key guidelines are to protect the natural environment and leave a successful project behind. On the Second Track project, we are looking forward to working with Kolektor CPG, which shares similar ambitions and goals as our company. Together with the partners in the Consortium, we commit to the Contracting Authority 2TDK and the people of Slovenia to deliver a successful project with high quality and without delays.«

The responsibility of the leading partner in the Consortium will not only be in the implementation, but also in the management of the project. Due to the size and complexity of the projects, as well as due to European sources of financing, the construction will receive extraordinary supervision and will thus certainly be the most supervised infrastructure project in the history of Slovenia. Also Kolektor CPG will contribute to the latter, by digitally supporting the construction process ensuring the transparency of the project and the traceability of processes, documents and materials.

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