Our story of success


2019: As a partner in a consortium we kicked off our first joint project - construction of a bridge Marija Gradec 

2018: Completed construction of the Belle vie Tivoli residential building in Ljubljana

2017: Renaming of the company CPG to Kolektor CPG 

2016: Kolektor Koling purchases 97% share of the CPG company


 The path of the joint Kolektor Civil Works has begun in 2016.

Our success is based on a richness of 60-years of experience of two companies, Kolektor CPG and Kolektor Koling.

Kolektor CPG


2016: Start of the project Drinking water supply in the Ljubljanica river area

2015: Completed construction of the Special social care and employment center in Nova Gorica

2011: Construction of the Hotel Šmartno

2008: Construction of the Idrsko water supply and sanitation system

2007: Renovation of the provincial road through Bilje


The CPG company operates within Primorje group


Aquisition of the environment management certificate ISO 14001 and the QM ISO 9001


2001: Construction of the Solkan city approach

2000: Construction of the Vrtojba bypass

1999: Reconstruction of the “Tri hiše” road Vogrsko

1997: Construction of the Mrzlek water supply

1996: Construction of the Rožna dolina roundabout and asphalting of the road to Mangart

1996: Maintainance of 1100km of roads

1989: Reconstruction of the bridges across the Reka river and Tolminka river in Tolmin; construction of the Šempeter bypass  

1983: Construction of the “Osimska cesta” road connecting Nova Gorica with Goriška Brda region via Italy

1982: Maintainance of 1377 km of roads

1971: Relocation of management into the new building near the Rejčeva ulica street in Nova Gorica

1967: Construction works on the Črni vrh - Col, Zalošče - Dornberk, and Spodnja Idrija - Želin road sections

1964: Reconstruction of the road Solkan - Preval 


Established Cestno podjetje Nova Gorica

Kolektor Koling


2015: Construction of the Nordic center in Planica

2014: Reconstruction of the Vipolže villa

2013: Construction of the office and production building Kolektor Magnet Technology in Germany

2012: Construction of the commercial/production building Kolektor Etra in Ljubljana

2008: Reconstruction of the administration building Kolektor Group in Idrija


Renaming to Kolektor Koling


2004: Merger with the company Opim inštalacije

2000: First major project - construction of the S20 plant

1999: Expanding business operation portfolio with the civil engineering field


Established company Eltos