Upgrade of the railway section Poljčane – Slovenska Bistrica

A section of the line between Poljčane and Slovenska Bistrica lies on the main railway line Zidani Most - Šentilj - State border. 

Contractual works are performed as a joint venture partner. At the railway section between Poljčane and Slovenska Bistrica, we exchanged the lower and upper structure and drive network. Due to bad geological conditions in the area of Križni vrh along the left rail track, we had to renew the slope with torkret concrete and IBO anchors, and on the opposite side we had to construct an additional support wall 52 m in length. The upgrade of the railway section will be categorized as D4, which enables higher traffic speeds.

Deadline for completion of work: September 2019

Value of performed works: 5.7 million €


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