Residential complex Belle vie Tivoli

Belle vie Tivoli building, 195 apartments in the immediate vicinity of the Ljubljana city center.

Residential complex Belle vie Tivoli

The Belle vie Tivoli building with 195 residents and 6 business premises offers its residents an indoor atrium with a total area of 2300 m2, a garage in three basements, two terraced floors and business premise on the ground floor. Shared atrium with a park is accessible through passageways on the corners of the complex, which are closed at night with a courtyard door. Construction carrier system is made from a reinforced concrete construction with reinforced concrete pillars, walls, staircases and platforms. The execution of flat roofs and terraces was designed according to the principle of combining a reverse roof with double thermal insulation, and between the layers there is a suitable hydroinsulation. The final layer is a partially extensive or intensive greening and a partially paved surface.

Deadline for completion of work: december 2018

Value of performed works: €29 million

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