Krško Bridge

The Sava bridge Žadovinak is part of the southern city ring road, which relieved the main road leading through the Krško center.

Krško Bridge

The bridge with total length of 274.00 m is designed as a reinforced concrete construction with prestressed reinforced steel formed in continuous cables and arranged in such way that we could use an incremental launching method. This is the procedure where the bridge is constructed on the bank and is then gradually moved into the final position. The result of such procedure is
a monolithic concrete construction for high durability and robustness. It is an extremely narrow lintel construction (2 m) that was conditioned by an already built roundabout on the left shore and a possible maximum water height. Such narrow construction presented an additional challenge for the construction of thrust and utility lines that are inside the “box”. The bridge is located in the vicinity of the Krško Nuclear Power-Plant; while designing, we had to consider the requirements that conditioned the seismic load with a return period of 10,000 years (0.5 g), making it necessary to install earthquake isolators. Within the new construction, we also arranged the pedestrian and cycling area, all necessary road lighting and the connecting road to the roundabout.

Deadline for completion of work: February 2019

Value of performed works: €6.7 million



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