Distribution transformer station Hudo

Technological processes and quality of products in these companies strongly depends upon quality of delivered electrical energy, therefore role and importance of a distribution station Hudo 100 kV is very large to kV Hudo in the Slovenian electric energy space is very high.

Distribution transformer station Hudo

Distribution station Hudo is a 110 kV distribution station that was built with the intention of providing supply of electrical energy in the area of Dolenjska, more accurately of Novo mesto and its wider surroundings. With the momentary status of 110 kV of transmission network, the distribution station Hudo is a junction of transmission pathways from Brestanica, Krško and Kočevje. The existing junction is overhead with a system of double tubular collectors. Beside the junction, on the existing and fenced plateau of the distribution station there is also the command building, warehouse shack, container for inflammable substances, antenna tower, internal roads and manipulation surfaces. Due to technological demands, the junction had to be enlarged and, due to worn out equipment, we had to replace the existing elements of the junction and the command building.  

Deadline for completion of work: December 2017

Value of performed works: €1.8 million €

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