Construction of the city swimming pool Pula

1,100 square meters of pool area.

Construction of the city swimming pool Pula

The building is designed as a reinforced concrete construction in three levels. The ground floor contains a competition swimming pool 34 x 25 m, recreational swimming pool 10 x 25 m, and a swimming pool for children. The depth is from 1.2 m in the recreational to 2.2 m in the competition swimming pool. The technical premises for various installations are located in the object basement under the main pool hall and dressing rooms and include several installations that ensure the function of the building. Installations for heating/cooling, where the system with two return heat pumps is located can handle 258.3 kW of heat energy. The project of swimming pool technique includes vertical sand filters intended for the preparation of the water. For suitable functionality of gas installations, we mounted a gas condensing boiler with thermal power 840 kW in the boiler room of the building. For the building requirements, we also ensured water supply and drainage systems, hydration network, drainage of the sanitary and rainwater, electrical installations, lightning and fire safety.

Deadline for completion of work: December 2018

Value of performed works: €9 million

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