Central wastewater treatment plant Nova Gorica

On the area of Goriška at a settlement Vrtojba we built a new central water treatment plant with capacity of 50,500 population units.

Central wastewater treatment plant Nova Gorica

The technological process of the wastewater treatment plant includes three basic phases, namely mechanical pretreatment, biological treatment of wastewater and additional mechanical thickening and drying of mud. Considering the selected topmost treatment technology, the central wastewater treatment plant in Nova Gorica is one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in Europe. Communal water flows through the inlet pipe into the facility for precleaning through a stone interceptor and three rough and fine sieves, which successively remove all solid parts larger than 25 mm, 6 mm and 1 mm including all fat and sand. The capacity for wastewater treatment is 535 liters per second; the sewage flow may increase to 1,300 liters per second due to heavy rain.

Deadline for completion of work: november 2015

Value of performed works: €5 million 

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